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January 19, 2016

Training for PIR report

This report is a very different report form other reports in SMS.  Basically each column in the report is pulling from different areas in SMS. This report is a compilation and summary of all the other reports in SMS.  The sophistication of this report requires many prerequisites to be in place in order to generate the correct data.

In the training we will cover all aspects of SMS in which this report pulls data.

Tech Level Training

  • Installing and supporting routines
  • Executing the program
  • Explanation of all the information, where it comes from, and how to analyze it.
  • Prepwork (prereq) for making sure the report data is accurate
  • Necessary Item Validity checks
  • Extending report to other depts & category management
  • Budgeting and Production numbers.

Sales Team Training

  • This is a game changer for profitability
  • How to present this report for maximum benefit
  • Speaking the Lingo in the report
  • Supporting modules needed – extra sales.
  • Hooking into the prospect’s mind about what he needs to operate at maximum profitability

End User Training

  • How to run the report manually (all report criteria needed)
  • Analyzing the report
  • Spotting trend data
  • Budgeting process
  • Areas of Improvement based on report data


Extended Sessions

Two day seminar will not cover all this.  We will have a two day intensive training session with enough to get them off the ground.  Then have remote conference sessions for support and follow up with additional advanced training.



All Item Validity completed including Alt codes, Link Codes, Recipies, etc.

All Items must have costs in the system.  Modules to ensure success in this area:

  • Warehouse Integration
  • DSD receiving

Random weight items will be the largest challenge.  The ScaleLink module will help tremendously in this area.  ScaleLink provides a one point of entry for pricing and costing. There is a separate module and  training for success with Costing in Random Weight items by distributing the costs to all the random weight items.

Batching for Ads and other Promotions

The shrink process can use a wireless device for convenience, yet if the store wants to keep using paper this is also possible.  Just total the shrink at the end of the week and input into SMS.

All of these modules can be justified using the PIR report.  The report uses all the building blocks of SMS and combines them into one consolidated, concise report that can be used efficiently by Store management.

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