Where Profitability meets Knowledge

January 19, 2016

Profitability is what it is all about!

The PIR report, using its cost of goods calculations, allows the store owner to see real time profitability from this report.

Most people think that to have accurate gross reporting one need to do inventory.  Yet experience has shown us that cost of goods in the PIR report comes very close to an actual physical end inventory count.  You see, SMS has cost at the point of sale so it knows what the cost of the item is at the time of sale. SMS is able to track this cost of product along with the retail it was sold for then calculate a profitability from there.

With the PIR report, you can monitor your profitability during the period and not have to wait until the quarter end for you profit numbers.

  • Monitor sales and distributions along with profits
  • Quickly respond to market conditions in your ad and check the profitability as you move along.
  • If pricing moves up or down monitor how that affects your profitability in real time
  • Manage your going in gross in real time
  • Monitor shrink daily

The report that has so many uses we want to call it the Kitchen Sink Report!

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